Last Year Epilogue

Written by: Samantha McDougal

My eyes have fled
With words I've read.
His words.
Oh, how I gobbled them up
Like oysters,
Quick and metallic.
Thick with effort
In attempts of stepping 
On his tongue.
A cruel hang up.
One web,
Half spun.
One threat,
Three flights up
When he's praying to God
On the last step.
Is this what everybody wants.
Would he still find me beautiful
When the bitterness 
Of time and unrequited love
Tugs at the tautness of my lips.
Would he remember me as 
An eager child,
Hungry for knowledge
Who never got full.
A tragic child 
Who cried in public
And waited for embraces 
That would never come.
It took a lot to face him
And now I cannot look away
Even if it kills me.
And for him to kill this
Half hearted simpleton
Would be a relief to us all.