If I Didn't Think What I Think Here's What I'd Think

Written by: Mark Goodson

If I didn't think what I think
here's what I'd think
There is good in everyone
From the butcher of children to the defrauder of the elderly

I would trust the viper not to bite
For my ignorance would protect me 

I could leave my keys in the car or my house doors unlocked 
No one would take that which doesn’t belong to them

I could preach the Gospel to the world
For all would believe in the love of Christ our savior
And none would persecute the bearer of such good news

There would be no child left behind
Regardless of their economics and opportunities in life
All would fulfill the full measure of their talents

I would think my political leaders would balance the budget
As I have learned to live within my own means
For the shame of being a debtor is ungodly in practice

I would believe that there is a cure to any disease afflicting mankind
That our mother father and children would reach a full healthy life time
No tears for cancers heart attacks or deformed bodies necessary

If I didn’t think what I think
I’d think I would have died and am now in a better place
A place where such does exist
I would think I’m in Heaven