Shadows fall apart whenever you are near

Written by: Kevin Clark

Shadows fall apart whenever you are near

Step back from my life and they will always reappear

Forever clinging to the blackness of my eternal night

Screaming for my silence they conqueror it with fright

Longing for sadness is their only existence goal

Tearing away the light from the fabric of my soul

Eating my pain daily is there only needed meal

Devouring my hope and love so they can begin to feel

Corrupting my very inner peace that I hold so dear

Inhaling my loves courage and exhaling the deepest fear

They swim in my ocean of tears to never ever part

Living off the pieces of my cold lonely heart

Getting stronger with my doubt each and every day

Knowing our healing love is only a whisper away

I call for you to battle for me with love joy and cheer

Shadows will fall apart if you are forever near