Written by: Raymond Westley

You are never alone if you own a parrot
as he swaggers round on top of his cage.
He’s very friendly if you offer he him a carrot,
but take it away… and he flies into rage.

He has few feathers, this gray ball of fluff.
With beady eyes, he sure will outstare you.
Do not tease, and don’t call his bluff!
Don’t turn away because that’s his cue.

Don’t turn you back when he is that mood.
A nasty nip awaits those who do.
If he were human he would surely be sued.
He will even climb down to nibble a shoe.

He takes a chunk off here, and a chunk off there.
It’s the taste of wood that starts the search.
He even tastes the leg of the chair.
It’s an obsession with him. Look at his Perch!