Written by: Hannington Mumo

I miss your beauty and splendor:
The sun that pierces through your greenest trees,
Dreams that were born within your premises;
The great books I devoured within your precincts.

Shall I ever set my foot their again?
If so, shall I find the same books I loved?
Will the friends I made within my short stay
Forever impact upon my life the same sweet way?

I miss you Moi University my alma mater,
Moi University, the place I gathered vast knowledge,
The place I discovered the meaning of great learning.
There, a piece of my soul dwells.

Few such hospitable places a mortal rarely finds,
And its breeze elsewhere you never can chance;
The beautiful geishas that roam your streets,
The bearded scholars that walk your corridors,
The spectacular scenery, the gorgeous neighborhoods;
All these and more I shall forever miss!