Written by: Ray Padilla

Take a toke write some notes 
all these frontin people are just a big hoax
oh you think this a joke?
well nope its not
let me get into your brain open a new begining
to figure out your real purpose 
and i will not stop till the day I drop
all you brainless people think its everything to make that gwuap
but nope its not
I will one day make a change and watch all you fake lyricist's flop
i will never quit i am very legit when it comes to spit 
light up a joint and lets get lit
lets skip and the laughing and harassing
and start breath grasping
hold it it tight 
dont let the true God escape your sight
damn right you will have to put up a fight
i can guide you to the true light
telling the truth despite all the evil that is after me
i will do whatever i have to, to make you see that everything you see isnt always what it seems to be.