Stardust in Our Bones

Written by: Terrell Martin

What stardust in our bones cause all these words to flow
From out of you and I like mountain streams?
What moves us to find writing 
So mystical and exciting 
In all our inner thoughts and night time dreams? 
And I wonder what’s the potion 
That gives the mental  motion
For you and I to sing and rhyme along, 
Like children in a choir as the music climbs much higher
We grapple with our words before they're gone.
I suppose we’ll never know 
The secret to our quest 
For expressing what we think and feel 
At both our worst and best.  
While seeking, striving, reaching, thriving 
With every fiber of our being; 
Something you and I possess 
Moves us to express
Much more than what we’re seeing.
And perhaps we’ll never know the truth 
That drives us to our callings;
Like migrating birds we seeker of words
Know all about rising and falling.  
Until the final curtain call and all
Is plain to see:  The words we share
Show how much we care 
About each other and 
Our humanity.