Written by: Terrell Martin

I don’t need to forgive 
Or feel your forgiveness in return;
I don’t need to love you or feel 
The embers of your fire to get burned. 
Forgiveness, I’ve found
Is highly overrated 
Ever since you knocked me down 
My mind’s been saturated
With all the ugliness and hate your
Pathetic life engendered;
Forgiveness to or from you 
Will never be surrendered.  
So forgive me for not forgiving
The history of our past: I could deeply care
Less about who or what you are 
Than trench bugs in the grass.  Still,
I’ll let you pass
Like the untouchable, intangible wind, 
More miniscule than dirt and sand
I’ll tread on once again, my dear old once begotten 
Now long forgotten, friend.  
Hello-goodbye, excuse me 
But just who did you say you are?
Don’t make me blink my eyes again
And wish upon a star…
Because you’re as gone as any comet,
Gravitationally black hole bound;
So forgive me for not forgiving you
Without a whisper of a memory or a sound.  
But forgiveness is a word you don’t deserve 
When all you do is drag me down.