Why Should I

Written by: Annie Lander

Why should I
Why should I live my life according to man's rule
why should I go on living this lie,
why should I?
Even if I say to you,
do not worry about your life
you can simply say
Why should I
The soul of Jonathan
was knit to the soul of David,
and Jonathan loved him as his own soul
so, how about you,
Do you want to be joined to the hip of man's rules
Let me hear you say it now.
Why should I
I know the thoughts
that I think, toward you say the Lord,
thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you
a future and a hope,
I can predict the doubtful folks in the street this coming November
shouting ... "why should we elected Mr. Obama
for another term...why should I
Oh, how I Iove your laws
how sweet are your words to my taste
sweeter than honey to my mouth
Have you taste the goodness of the Lord
some non believer would gladly say
Why should I
the Holy spirit will bring to your remembrance all
things that I said to you.
Why should I listen to you.