Don't let go

Written by: Janet Cavan

Oh morbid silence, end at last
Will I awaken from this nightmare?
Does ardent love belong to past?
I cannot know. Refuse to dare.
The sins of flesh beyong contol
Your touch is sweet, yet heart is hollow 
The struggles're taking their toll
You will not lead. I will not follow.
So split your soul, divide your mind
Your body's strong, yet spirit's weak.
Do you choose hope or mere pride?
Refuge or life... What do you seek?
Dispelled's the myth, reprieval's wanted
Repressed rage meets it's demise
Yet I'm still lost and I'm still haunted 
But what I wrongly idolized.
Release is granted, yet I mourn...
Is this the cost of karmic debt?
Forsaken, damaged and forlorn
And yet refusing to forget.
Is there still flame when heart is torn?
Does it still burn when soul is slain?
To die... It means, to be reborn.
To live is to immune to pain.
The tears I shed don't mean a thing
And so I'm falling, deep and low...
Yet I still pray and I still cling
To hope that you won't let it go.