Drowning and Burning

Written by: Rebecca Larkin

I’m burning with anger I don’t understand
I’m drowning in sorrow I can’t command
I’m losing my mind, crying and shattering

I attack you over and over
I don’t understand this…why it happens over and over
I’m terrible…horrible

I do not deserve to live 
You always just give and give
And I take and burn and hurt

I am nothing without you
Yet I do not show it…instead I just hurt you
I don’t know what to do

I can only apologize so much before it means nothing to you
I don’t want that to happen…I don’t want to lose you
I really don’t but I continuously damage you

You wonder why, what you have done
But I can’t say…I don’t know…and I just weigh on you like a ton
This cannot go on

Cannot go on

I’m sorry

You should keep yourself away from me
Set yourself free
So you can finally be happy

Nothing but happy
Nothing but happy