I Walk Through the Valley

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

"Peace be with you, " I hear in hushed voices.
"Aunque pase por el valle de sombra de muerte,"
I shall never walk alone.
Hand-in-hand with my faith, I step o'er lands
of this world near and afar.
In awe, I watch as He gathers the seven seas into jars.
I envision all creation through eternity.
"No temere mal alguno," I breathe in life.
His comfort carries me.

Voices in whispers chant, "peace is yours".
"Aunque pase por el valle de sombra de muerte, "
I shall lift my eyes to the sky.
The sun lights my path, we are all
of this world one and the same. 
In awe, I watch Him gather stars and call each one by name.
I envision the light of Heaven forever with me.
"No temere mal alguno,"  I live in peace.
His love is all I need.

*Aunque pase por el valle de sombra de muerte - Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
*No temere mal alguno - I will fear no evil