Green Glass Healing

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Green glass healing Sunshine through green glass you’ll find, Is power of the healing kind, Ask Nelly she will tell you how, A two year ulcer is closed up now, Though she battled two years, a cure in mind. Read Edgar Cayce the healing prophet man, Google him, they say he’s grand, Of Blue glass with sunlight passing through, To kill infection in the body too, Or infrared through blue or green of glass, The healing light a minute passed, Closed mind wont let it through? The truth waits there for you... Don Johnson my 89 year old mommas ulcer is completely healed... GOOGLE EDGAR CAYCE the American Prophet. search green glass for more info... The green glass filters out the harmful radiation and lets the healing rays through.. Im also trying 20% ultraviolet green window i can nap in the green sunlight.. no sunburn either:)