Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Kiss My Petunias

Call yourself a poet
Or is it poetess?
Your so called poems a child could do
Your work is such a mess.
Hairy fairy rubbish, this what you write
Under the guise of poetry
Your words are such a fright
You offer sickly sweet friendship
 What a joke that is
You are like a white wine spritzer, but without the fizz

But then your loving smile shines right off the page
Your wonderful words of wisdom
Give you credit as a sage
Your compassion is overflowing, your intuition too
I am amazed at all the wonderful selfless things that you do
The time you spend on your family
 Makes you the envy of us all
We know when there’s a problem, you are the one to call
 In fact your compassion is pure poetry
So there is not finer poetess you are the one for me. 

Entry for Contest: Kiss my Petunias, sponsored by Vi Bombadieri
Forgive me, dear lady but you asked for it...............I feel a real heel