Epic Evocations -

Written by: Justin Bordner

There are circumstances in life
that frighten people from finding new thresholds
as the random footstep trepidates the mellow rabbit,

the immense,monumental,momentous achievements of our lives
oft commence with common & innocuous prevails
over mild and trite tribulations,
are the instruments of the gallant,
the anxiety of the meek,and the ruin of the impetuous,
as discretion is the anvil of Justice,

the sage & accomplished do not seek out the epic
because they are well tempered like the hammer of Justice,
the courageously wise kiss the epic twist,
the tough,tenacious & triumphant need the epic
like stars require the dark for shine,
a castle without seige is just a large lonely home,
epic provides aspirations,

epic emotions, epic companionships, epic animosities
throw us into pits of of peril and the satisfaction of survival,
inspiration,creation are Godsends not habbit,
epic pain, epic joy, epic heartache & hardship, epic strength
are the fruits of the lightning struck tree,
let the crows,and eagles rest on thee, golden habitat,
adore epic dreams, epic fidelity, epic failure and epic resuscitations,
heed the sqwuak of the shy scavangers
who mock,jeer & hide from epic presentations,
let your Soul require epic strain,stress and salvation,
without Epic there is only starving eagerness for existence
which will grind spirit upon stone of pumice -