Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle

Written by: tristen temple

I thought that I was living inside of a cartoon
Sitting afore their televisions tube
Listening unto the radio stations song upon song
Someone cutting something
Both ways and another stating or perhaps asking
If you do not know me by now 
Thinking to myself as laughing aloud
Quite lovely, the baby birds amid their trees....
Removing a dead kitty cat this morning
From an empty street; visions of tropical fish
Swimming within a fifty gallons tank
One more lyric, about another having all the luck
So you see, while I stuff my pockets
Full of these things; dream after dream
Taking a deep breath that I may breathe
How pretty, it surely does seem
Celestia, allow me to read your palm
Rub this glass; shall I please....
...."Three Wishes, Upon Your Star!?" *