The Nervous Spider

Written by: G. R.

A daddy long leg crawls into a cabaret

Often tripping on his tongue not knowing what to say 

He was a line dancer and she was an extraordinary spinner

Saw her pic on the world wide web and knew she was a winner

His legs trembled  as he thought of  what to do next

Nervously, he pulled out his Iphone and sent her a quirky text

(Daddy long leg):  U Lk g8! Nvr sn yr 8 legs here b4!

(Recluse Ruth): IL2 spin wu all noc on the danc flr!  

(Daddy long leg):OMW! U Lk g8 n yr blk drs & slk stkngs

(Recluse Ruth): Jst dnc! Kp yr fly trppd or i’ll strt wlkn!!

*Translation for the technologically challenged*

(Daddy long leg):  You look great! Never seen your eight legs here before!
(Recluse Ruse):  I’d love to spin with you all night on the dance floor!
(Daddy long leg): Oh my word! You look great in your black dress and silk stockings!
(Recluse Ruth):  Just dance! Keep your fly shut or I’ll start walking!

Written for David William’s Contest-Text Talk