Circle of Wagons

Written by: Robert Ball

The strength of a marriage comes from a morally sound Father and Mother.
The bond, the love shown in the family is like no other.
A tight group of people who circle the wagons when one is in trouble.
It is like no other circle, love abounds for one another; you played, you cried inside this loving bubble.

God the Father of all loves all, especially His creations, bonding in love and faith.
At an early age, the parents showed their children what a church was, to them it was great.
No matter, morals of the Lord, strong beliefs, strong attitude taught by Mom and Dad.
They knew what the Lord’s laws and commandments were, so by protection, they averted Satan’s world, morals their children had.

So now married and have a loving wife, I also through blessings have a loving moral wife.
She with her family they have accepted me, a blessing to someone alone, so now I have another family and whole new life!
Strength given by the Father, through the Holy Spirit, given to whoever He chooses.
Our Father and Jesus want to be part of our family, won’t you relent and repent? 
Go ahead with your family and pray; you have absolutely all to gain and nothing to lose.