Written by: Gabriel Levicky

Gabriel A. Levicky
All this Universe and  all it takes is a blink of a right eye
While the other happily announces our end.
This journey is long & short at the same time.
Gods deserted this vastness 
Only their black hole mirrors remained.
Now it is gas and space, space and gas
Like a scoop of life melting 2 million light years away.
How I wish not to be afraid of rebirths and silent distances
Irrelevant to our cosmic insignificance.
It is a real race out there.
Who will invent another god soon?
Who will lick the memories in a glass jar?
Count cold fingers of unknown & borrow heat of yesterdays?
Who is wiser when everything is gone?
Your void is powerful enough
To be reborn as an imperfect ? mark.
Does this sun play  Ping-Pong with our Moon!
Tell me what else you need to believe in faith?
It is quite clear
Our journey is almost complete when least expected.
Never question echo’s depth
Rivers determination.
If you are lucky, you might forget
About yourself.

NYC, July 2012