The Shower

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

The cascading shower streamed down on her silken wet locks
She laughed as the water playfully tumbled across her body
The feel of the water, warm and inviting soothing and sensual
The smell of jasmine and honeysuckle from soft soapy suds
She tossed her head seductively as her lover joined her there
His wet strong hands soon reached out to caress her breasts
As he pulled her close and gently kissed her young tender ripe lips
She looked at this Adonis and once again marveled at his beauty
His arms enfolded her in an overwhelming passionate embrace
They were as one, saturated in water, soap, perfume and desire
Her body quivered from every pore from his gentle erotic touch
But he was but a dream long gone and she was once more alone
No longer the temptress, instead a 90 year old woman remembering love.