Written by: Owen Yeates

Where you going what you doing
Is that trouble I smell brewing
For it seems where ever you’re at
Some things going rat a tat tat

It will be all just a blur
I feel sorry for the cur
Who gets in your way at this time?
Shouldn’t do it it’s a crime

You’re on a mission to destroy
Everything even the joy
You just can’t stop to see the hurt
You got no time to even flirt

You have to wreck it break it down
Turn a smile into a frown
I would not mind but this I plead
Is there really any need

What could cause such stress and pain?
What could make one write this refrain
Well just some times this is me
In a bad mood I have to be

This can happen now and again
I apologize but all the same 
It doesn’t change the fact
That soon I will be back intact

So this is why I ask and reply
To get some answers I have to try
Maybe anger management will be the cure
Though to be honest I’m not so sure