Written by: Irfana Ali Bhat

Miracles of miracles
is motherhood
How a woman transforms...i...
into a mother
is never understood
I remember
I wasn't yet twenty
In my womb
I had my first baby
All through my
I asked myself
How would it feel
to be a mother??
Would I be
a good mother??
Tried to imagine
the feelings
but couldn't imagine
With all these questions,
nightmares and dreams
weight gains and labour pains
That day came
Someone placed my child
in my lap
I looked at her
She was a tiny mess
so restless
For the first three nights
not for a second she slept
Tired and exhausted
I longed for a nap
My feelings went numb
I asked myself
Do I love her??
Am I her mother??
Something happened
the fourth day
My baby wasn't well
My mom panicked
rushed her to the doc
who admitted her
for one night
Left alone
I was in my home
Tried i hard to sleep
but instead of sleep
tears filled my eyes
Worried I was
for my little bundle
I prayed for 
the whole night
I realized
I could bear
100 sleepless nights with her
but not for a second
could I live without her
With the first stroke of dawn
I rushed to my baby
There she was
in a cradle
I stooped to look at her
She looked at me
with a tiny smile
Tears filled my eyes
Love and emotions
flushed my heart and soul
There and then
I told myself