Written by: Bruce Schuhart

Flitting about and wafting on air,
Tethered to earth by ethereal string,
I watch you come and then disappear
So much like a dream on a wing.

You come to visit each sunny day
And I mark your course from bloom to bloom.
I miss you the days you stay away
When the sky is sad and full of gloom.

I fancied once I might capture you
And cage you tight so you would remain.
The very next time you came into view
I stole upon you down the garden lane.

It was there I grabbed you with a clumsy hand
And held you tight with an unsure grasp.
You escaped my hold with fluttery demand
As I felt my confidence slowly lapse.

I stood dejected as off you flew
To vanish away in the empty sky.
The only proof I ever held you
Was the remaining dust of wing tip dye.