Can You Still See It

Written by: Anne Lise Andresen

                                             When I was a little girl
                                      I enjoyed studying the clouds
                             The clouds turned into all sorts of shapes
                                       Yes, it was a great fairytale
                                         high up in the blue sky
                                    Beautiful castle with princesses
                                   who were playing in their garden.
                                      I could see different animals
                                              as small cute cats
                                    dangerous fire-breathing dragons
                                    The sky could be an exciting world

                                     I had almost forgotten this world
                                      Today there are many clouds ....
                                            I have to go and see ...
                                                Is it still here
                                              My fairytale sky
                                         I see the clouds, yes I do
                                             many clouds ...........
                            Yes now I see, you're still here my imagination
                                  I see a big bear sitting on a lace pillow
                                       lift one arm and waving to me.
                                        Hello .... yes I can see you
                                                 I wave back

25. August 2012
A-L  Andresen :)