Written by: Gabby Muir

Perched on the precipice
of the world,
Desperately trying to
Grow wings before the earth
Crumbles below.
 A misstep, a mistake
A single misspoken word
Will shatter the very foundation
Upon which i stand
And will cast me into 
The infernal abyss below.
Confined by the illusion
that turning back is not
An option, erasing my past
will sever the very fibers
Of my inner and outer selves,
I extend my arms and,
clawing the air,
I fall.
A leap of faith that sends me 
hurdling into the darkness below.
I close my eyes.
I dream. I hope.
I believe.
My motion slows.
I emerge from that pit 
Like a diver bursting through
The membrane between 
sea and sky.
I have found my wings
and I soar.