I Know you

Written by: Ntombentsha Klaas

Before I ever took this walk with you, 
I knew you. 

The place we met is at the edge of my 
memories, here  now gone the next 
moment, but I know we met.

 Your face is as farmiliar as my own, 
yet I have never seen you before. 
Your face is too beautiful for me to 
look at, yet I know I have seen you 

Could I have seen you in another life, 
have I walked this road with you 
lifetimes before? Did we walk with 
our hands touching like this?

If we did how could I forget such a 
face? How could I forget 
this special memory you and I share? 
How can I not see your face anymore, 
because I know it's beautiful and I'd 
like to see you oncemore and not 
forget. So you could stay forever