Daddy, set me free

Written by: Asante Indira

Help me break bread at this table
Songs of my captivity
And in those four lines you’re learning to set me free
Where did you put the rope and muzzle
Where is it now?
Should I count it all with you?
Should I give up the stamp I’ve left on your memory?

But you know me
And that’s the impact
A rare understanding
that I couldn’t find the words to give them
But you knew, my captor read me
And I find these things in old words 
Written in digital poetry
The void is no longer a mystery
I’m missing the essence of you
The understanding of our knowing laughter
Our observations that gave us air
To puff up our own thrones

And I, the spitting image of my disappointment
am left here empty
Bewildered, because it’s been made so that I need you
How would I love after you?
It was with you that I felt the ricochets of my affection
The heaviness of wanted blessings on your behalf
And I saw your faith waiver
And now they see me crack 
Because from where I’m running
is where I need to go back