She Steal Like a Thief

Written by: Annie Lander

Her husband married his mistress
She closed her eyes and once again
    she lost him to that *****
 She thinks of him as omnipotent 

At last! she wear his ring
 Now it’s time to bridle her tongue
and show the world that
 she belong to Master Shingh

 What goes around comes around
Karma is a *****. Now its casual sex
with Tess the ***** switch

He smile, she laughs
He slow down, she picks up the pace
He sneeze, she said bless you”.
she began her new life without hesitation, without delay

To her the man is omnipotent God 
worshipping the ground he walks 
yes, master, no master

somehow, she manage
 to love, honor and obey.
she steals like a thief