After the storm

Written by: Leonard Taormina

I surrendered my heart and I pledged my alliance;
Put my nose to the grindstone and contained my defiance.
Kept my hands to myself never touched no one else;
Kept my taste for the hunt stored on a shelf.
    I never forgot to emphasize friend;
    And always remembered don’t always win.
    Not always perfect but vested for sure;
    And I strengthened my heart so I could endure.
I balanced the check book;
And I carried the weight;
And offered up more;
Than ever I took
      It took many years but I finally grew up;
     I was finally the big dog no longer the pup.
     I treated my woman much like a queen;
    But then she did something like I’d never seen.
I won’t include details I’m holding my tongue;
Even though I forgave her what we once had was done.
I searched for the reasons as I lay on the ground;
And these are the answers I’m surprised that I found.
     I lived as a gun man sufficiently styled;
    Proficient as trickster kept her beguiled;
    But the life of the player could toss you to flames;
    And being the provider that’s the true game