Written by: Joe Maverick

A dedication by Joe:

 In one minute of expression!
In the hour of an age;
I saw the fruit of inspiration
A largesse from heaven’s mage.

So I reached out to its fire
My heart big as blue sky
Just a soul tugged by awareness;
such elucidation I’d descried.

These words could melt in my essence!
The very being of my breath….
I sensed delight could dance between us
true life rejoice o’er mortal death.

Maverick © 4/5/2012
Form: Celestial Verse

The Maverick

Dedication by Michelle:

Within silent chambers of darkened grottos
wandered displaced, my weary muse.
Until he jumped forth from a page of notion
this steadfast man of no recues.

Blue flames did stoke declining embers,
he gave the spark to matchstick thought.
Within a fiery blaze of blessed insight
his verse and rhyme my spirit caught.
Idle minds can’t spin on moving axis
though cognitive fire will sing and dance
Guided by captivating poetic precinct  
I affably admire his erudite stance.

© Joe Maverick.co.uk and
© Michelle Mac Donald. Canada Inc