Poem Posted by My Husband

Written by: Joy Wellington

That was sweet of him, but would be better if he sent me messages like this.  I am praying about this....God has the last say, after all that is said and we have done.

Written by: David Smalling      
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Magic Carpet Tours

Madam, your chariot arrives, of camel hair and silk
Sparkling like the pleiades, sweet as heaven's milk
And all around us whistling, willows wet with songs
That you and I adrift on a dream may beyond all go
Back to that sweet palace where better wisdom flow
Solomon basked in oil, there retreat from the throngs.
I am your Solomon now, and you my Sheba, dear
My heart before you vow, O beauty,shines with light
Soft the ivory's tinted hue, the tap where beyond compare
The bridal bath is set, the marble clear water flows
And O the frangrance, as spices their aroma throws
On your sweetness'touch, restraining me with delight

Let us linger no more in fruited gardens, where silk soft
Upon our bodies tremble, we have taken our fill; few oft
Can share, palate and tongue salivating still, push aside
Crystal plates, and glass, and silver-gold cutlery. We can
Dance now, you and I, the music of times blended in one,
Skin to skin our bodies touch, my sweet, eternal bride
This is the palace of the great Solomon, love celebrates
Its crowning moments here. Let me feed plum and dates,
Let me rinse your breath with wine, and it shall not be yet
Sweeter than since Eden brought together our kind, free
Falter and to fail, and then to rise and come again, new glee
Of heart, new resolve of soul, for love is sweeter with regret.

Joy there is no better companion, and none but you to take
For there where Solomon stood we may undo all mistake
And besides you deserve to taste the luxuries of the ride. 
None but you, for you alone can bring the magic to all I do
What use are kingdoms, and wealth, and all else if I yet rue
Hours of loneliness, and time apart from you, come O bride.
I love you, darling, woman, child. You fragile bird of bitter storms
Who like Eve far away, fell to the deceit beyong my purest arms,
Behold your chariot, feel its charms, the magic carpet of goodness
Truth, and Joy. Lie is imagination behind closed doors, trust is key
To open hearts and make life's highway clear. Come, enter the acme
Of the moment, for trust is come freedom gives birth to happiness.

David Smalling;Taking Joy Wellington a ride;  8/22/2012