Words After

Written by: Joel Lee

I have words I did not speak
For they serve to make me weak
Yet I see them lettering for me
Spelling a dream to never be
Have I yet what not?
What was sold were bought
Though nearer I move yet further I am
The distant time I came to befriend
Every foothold to see myself depart
Every light fading to be stepping into the dark
Yet a comfort I am to find
Some peace where the light fail to remind
Surrounding me, consuming my presence
Flattering to consider the world at absence
And they be who I’ll aspire
A lonesome self for loneliness to desire
Nonetheless, the more I dwell the more I’m afraid
I fear to have my eyes reawaken to what await
An impending doom perhaps... unavoidable
A countdown for death’s toll... applicable
Yet of humanity be my most feared
For they be ones as selfless as selfishly deared
As simple as a wish as a wish to be simple
Reality be the realm no longer I shall follow
Though they have words spelling for me
They do not letter out for my dreams to be