Chain Broken

Written by: Devondra Banks

She's a murderer!
She sucked the life
out of her own child's frame.
Second thoughts weren't enough 
to spare her offspring's name.
I was.
I did.
They weren't.
Chain broken!

She's a whore!
She frolicked with more than a few.
No count was kept, though the number she knew.
I was.
I did.
I know.
Chain broken!

The faults that lie deep 
in the forgiven sea, 
are tossed by the hands
of those who love me.
From the waters' depths
do they dig to retrieve,
And cast them upon the 
shore for me to receive.
I've done it, I've said it.
I've tried it, I've lived it.
I've tasted it, I've smelled it.
I've wasted it, I've killed it.

Once chains, my faults
are now lessons learned.
The scars I once wore,
Are now badges earned.
Hidden chains can't be broken,
I wore them where HE could see,
Hoping maybe he'd know 
them and with his key,
set me free.

They no longer weigh me,
with doubt, fear, and regret.
Now, they doubt me,
they fear me, 
and regret that we've met.

Chain broken!
aborted body, but soul I adore.
Chain broken, abused heart,
restore I implore!
I'm free!
My master intended me to be.
Not for trade, nor for sell,
not to rape, nor to beat.

Justifications matter not,
reasons why, wooden tokens.
No hands will repair the 
chains that were broken.