A Better World

Written by: Richard Palmer

I write these words with a better world on my mind,
A world where life has regained it's value over vanity,
Where good has regained it's strength over bad,
Where love has transformed hate into a beautiful flower garden,
Where man-kind cherish the blood,rather than judge the skin,
Where children love and respect their peers,parents and elders,
Where women express their minds,rather than their bodies,
Where men the soldiers of the Almighty,rise and take a stand,
Where the care of Mother Earth becomes the priority of every human,
Let's put our political,spiritual,greed and past differences into a boat,
The boat called Negativity is sinking,let's all watch it sink,
Now let's join hands and heart,promote love,care and positivity,
And watch the transformation of a new world,a better world...