Black Diamonds

Written by: julie heckman

The evening black as diamonds you can
only dream. Shortly you'd be scuba diving
under ports of the sea.
ports of the sea. No coffee or dinner before 
your rounds, you have to work late in this 
seaport town. The amount you make doesn't 
matter much at the ring of the bell, time passes
so slowly, you feel as cold as hell.

Prices are too cheap to make an honest wage,
working six days a week feels you're in a cage.
You start to drink, which puts you on the floor,
You gave it all you've got, but still you're dirt poor. 
The kids are working too which breaks your heart, 
You life is a whirlwind of pain your future
will never regain.
Poverty soaks into your bones like a grave,
Those who struggle so much are impossible to save.
Corporations and industry, some say are to blame.
Yet, education is what will lead people to regain 
quality lives and jobs so they can build their lives again. 
The worlds poverty has many reasons, but we must look 
forward to a richer season.