Always Believe

Written by: Renae Reynolds

I use to believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters,
I use to believe in dreams, love, and laughter.
As my journey through life went on and on
All my beliefs deminished, they were gone
One day I stopped, and looked all around
Didn't see anything, didn't hear one sound.
I searched within my soul, heart, and mind
The answers to how, when, and why I had to find.
I glanced up at the heavens, the heavens above
I asked the Lord what happened, what happened to love?
I turned and I stared at my past reflection
I thought, and I wondered I searched for direction.
I searched my heart, mind, and soul with such determination
The answers within was my realization
Then it dawned on me, I didn't believe
The fairy tales, and laughter were gone you see.
The dreams were said to be unrealistic
I no longer knew my own characteristics
I loked to the sky, then cleared my mind
I closed my eyes amazed to find
An open mind, puts the heart at ease
I had found the answers, my soul was pleased
I needed to forgive and forget all the bad that consumed me
To dream, love, laugh, and always believe was the kay.