A Book Dedicated to You

Written by: Walayee Poet Lay Whitlock-Ishway

I wrote a book created in Love... dedicated to you What more could I say... tell me what more could I do? In matters of love, I was always the giver In matters of affection… you never delivered You continue to blame my actions of a distant past A past when our foundation wasn’t even cast Yet, I accepted it and tried to prove my fruitfulness I gave my all to prove I’m faithful, to prove my truthfulness In return, I received constant slaps in the face Resistance, brick walls, and distance With you, I was always on a chase You never really had to put much work in It's partly my fault that I was never on the receiving end Considering it’s been this way since we began I was constantly ignored...while all my love and soul I poured Into you… In your eyes I wished to be “the one” In my arms, I embraced and loved your SON Still, in me you saw a reason not to trust... and even more reasons to run You opened my heart... and drove away pains of my past In the end I gained strength... so all was not bad In my heart love for you will always last… I wish I could say more… but my love and pain won’t pass I pray this heartbreak, our heartbreak… won’t long last… Lay