Written by: ilene bauer

The world is filled with cheaters;
It almost seems the norm.
We hear of more examples found
In every shape and form:

A Scrabble competition where
A young man used his wiles
To sneak into the playing bag
Some extra blank-faced tiles.

Lance Armstrong, of the Tour de France,
Once honored and revered,
Now stripped of all his medals
With his reputation smeared.

Cabrera of the Giants, too,
Was doping and got caught.
It seems that sports, like politics,
With cheaters has been fraught.

We’re taught to do the honest thing
When we are in our youth;
But as we age, so many learn
That they can bend the truth.

When knocked down from a pedestal,
The former proud elite
May finally learn the price they’ll pay
For choosing ways to cheat.