She Still Wants to Know

Written by: Joe Flach

Am I still attractive in the nude?
Have I maintained a girlish attitude?
Do you still dream about and desire me?
Do you want to be with me sexually?

Do I still wear that come hither look?
Is my name still in your black book?
Do I have that sparkle in my eyes?
Do I put some life in your Levis?

Do you want to act inappropriate?
Is inside my pants where you want to get?
Do you want your hands all over me?
Do you still enjoy my whole body?

It doesn’t matter how old I am,
These are things I still need to know.
I always want to be a real woman
And want you to give it a go.

Yes, you are still all those things, Now come over here and give me a little kiss.
Are you crazy, old man? Is that all you ever think about?