Written by: Poet Destroyer A

“Without departure “

Long expected on this one day,
Heads headed two ways,
Lingering without time,
Doves, glide in to wave goodbye.
Your wings on us have grown.
Never will I fold your friendship like a flag that had flown.
Smiles you are so wise and poetic.
With the right kind of pleasure and pride of your own.
Untied after your rope pulled you another way. 
Free to come back and smile on us one day. 
Barren like gust and sun lighten plumes, on a rainy day.
In my eyes, you will always be the successor that got away.
I’ll await once more for your wandering heart, to compose.
I fell without departure to your notes.
My days will gaze for you to jump in with two feet and return, 
Yet, I will suffer..................
and lump it with a giant gulp, and ask :-( 
Must you really engage us with a sadden farewell?


inspired by: David William's............ poem "I"...
~for Joann's contest~