Let's Stay Together

Written by: Landor Angulo


There are so, so many stars we haven’t seen
Cries and echoes traveling toward us we have yet to hear
These things make me wonder in the night, is this real?
Who am I gonna be?
When am I gonna sleep?

Too long a road, too short a step
I’m dreaming of rolling hills kissing my feet
     But the dream is skipping
To think we may have missed the best part

When will we sing?
And when can we begin - to stay alive with each other
Let’s stay together

I can’t seem to align the stars for you and 
Pitch forward the realization that everything
You believe in 
Is only as real
As it is to you and me

I see the scratches in the dirt of your dreams
And, alas the water does drag it smooth 
As we hold on tight
And it’s helping me 
Let’s stay together