It Ain't Easy Being Stupid

Written by: Annie Lander

It Ain't Easy Being Stupid 

 The sweet reggae music 
And the oldies Goldie’s Outbids the 
Noise in the night 

Tall dark and handsome, 
I saw him standing there, 
A well shave face viper 

His artistic designs 
From ear to cheek 
Zigzags lines that 
Shape his round face 
The shine on his face clashes 
With the street light

To have such a deep admiration 
From a sex stave woman 
I was in love the six packer 
the bearded caribbean viper 

Under the street light; they he stand tall 
I sigh! and took another sip of beer 
as memory recalls I about to have an affair? 
I whisper softly " Lord “Please don't failed me now

That was the night 
When I surrender my heart, my secrets

  for moment of bliss that fulfills only 
a temporary curiosity of most women

My self-confidence forfeit 
The enemy captured my heart 

Self-confidence is to do 
What you are afraid to do. 
I have done it all 

I surrender everything to a tall six packers
 the beard  caribbean viper 

A moment of sanity 
From another human being to another 
It Ain't Easy Being Stupid