A Bucket List for Two

Written by: Joe Flach

See a play
On Broadway
Spend a day
In old Bombay
Riding on an elephant

Fly up high
In the sky
Birds pass by
As we hang-glide
Falling in love on our descent

Take a tour
And explore
A little more
From the floor
In the Louvre of Gay Paris

Bare it all
In a waterfall
Lovebirds call
And we guffaw
On the big isle of Hawai’i

Spend two nights
And delight
In the sights
Of Northern Lights
Up in the cold and Arctic North

Take a cruise
Sip some booze
Throw our shoes
At the alarm clock snooze
As we go sailing forth

These are the things I want to do
And I want to do them all with you
I am sure that you already knew
It would be my dreams all coming true