Justifications of Cortez

Written by: Kristopher Higgs

We’ve come here from a distant place in search of untold treasures.
The beaches have left us stranded without a place of refuge.
We come here with only one intention, to fulfill our wildest pleasures.
The moon is bright tonight and reflects upon the crystal sea and sky.

We pour our hearts out but learn nothing from each other.
The need for superiority turns sister against brother.
Oh how you are generous and kind unlike that of me and mine.
It is hard to follow orders when they are left at home so far behind.
When the Kings and Queens are away the joker is left to console with his own mind.
The cast of our shields are the only ties that bind.

Their ways unorthodox to me; running wild like the forests abundant with life.
Everyone gives what everyone has.
No one is rich and no one is poor.
The people have all they’ve earned and more.
The men fight for family.
The women fight for love.
The children pray for tomorrow, to the burning God above.

With a leather bind and silk marker I lay out the path of the righteous.
On the seventh day God has rest.
But not for us, much work we had, for our beliefs they did detest.
With our crosses they played tick-tak-toe.
Despite warning of the inferno that awaited them down below.
They offered us love and homage.
We broke their spirits for we are men and they are savage.

Letters to the wife bring stories of jewels and riches.
But of this land I don’t speak freely.
My words carefully orchestrated in the form of happy endings.
Now I fear in the day of our Lord my entrance will remain pending.

How I remember the sea so clear with the crispness of the unknown,
Now polluted with disease in the name of the throne
A Childs heart keeps my sword from ever touching the ground
To lose hope is to lose something so very profound.
I have as much regard for their life as I do my own.
I cannot take responsibility, no not me.
I did it in the name of our land.
Oh yes in our land we trusted.
Our pride like our armor is now threadbare and rusted.