A Plantation of Lies

Written by: The First Born The First Forgotten

Do you look at yourself in the mirror?
I do.
Beyond the disgusting husk and rotten teeth and dark circles
I see someone who wasn't meant to be
Somene who does not wish to be here anymore

Also can be spied a collection of scars
Both on the exterior of this shell
And some on the mind inside of it as well

These last ones
The ones that doesn't go away, not even with time.
Only the desiring eyes can see
Even so, most choose to ignore
And put in motion machinations to make some new ones

To live, to die.
What holds one from making this decision?
The hope to hear some pleasant lies.
To be somebody to someone
The illusion of happiness

Those three words are worth nothing
And them are worth of even less yet
When sprouting from the other's mouth
Whose heart is bound to someone else

The lies that make you want to die.
Now, the time is nigh
The time to end it all.

But, just to be there one more time
Just to be there with you
Better to keep it in my head
Without forgetting that once someone made you want to die
Amidst the other lies and delusions
And, then, ignite the gunpowder.