Dream's Do Come True

Written by: tristen temple

Removing this glittering jewel embedded armour....
To replace it with a much brighter vesture in apparel ~
While venturing unto the gathering this celebration and all time
A crowd of brightened faces who's boundaries shall become endless
Ten thousand generations reunited amid joy and youthful, again....
No wars, no pain, no divisions in colours nor barriers of language
Love permeating every precious heart; priceless, their beautiful Soul *.*
Endless smiles with oceans as eyes; flowing rivers resonating laughters delight
The celebration of never endings harmony, has finally arrived....
Waiting for the guest of honour to appear, within all of His glory ~ 
Such vastness these splendours; arrayed His promises from millenniums ago
Extended this hand unto all of those whom would accept, His invitation?
Sent out within the slums and the alleyways; offered amid the darkest of days....
When the world stood trapped in the clutches; a shadows, once upon a time
But not everyone heard nor did they accept ? This gold engraved promise ~
Yet by now they have long been forgotten; memories like flowers, wilted away
Along with the tears and all of the pain; upon this, neverendings majestical day
Wherein sin be bound; its kingdom cast into the abyss; unbreakable their chain 
One life, one love, one body, a galaxy, a universe; the lion and the lamb....
Cups without measure poured into Wisdom's possibilities; all is well; perfect ~
Let these festivities begin; they, whom shall never again end; colourful seasons
Joyous tides; raptures flowing waters; "Our Prince," dressed in radiant white....
...."And We 'His' Virgin's *.* Foreverlasting Bride's" *