My Quiet Place -This Mellow August Night

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

I was right in the middle of commenting to peers at Poetry Soup when the power went off and I found myself in utter darkness and feeling disappointed since it was still only 10:45, a time much too early for night owls like myself. After groping my way upstairs in the dark, I have managed to locate my pen and paper (can’t even find a flashlight!) and here I sit out on my porch step using the little light of a nearly moonless night and of my trusty cell phone.  The sound of crickets around me is large! Their chirping fills up the silence, and there's the faint sound of dogs barking in the distance. Even at this late hour, I can hear cars zooming down streets several blocks away, but all of that is overridden by the crickets and the wind rustling leaves on nearby trees. Cooled by the night breeze and feeling undaunted, I begin to work on my little poem.

This Mellow August Night

Out here as I sit on my porch,
cooled by a summer breeze,
I’m soothed by the rustling sound of
leaves on the nearby trees.

The chorus of crickets I hear
chiming in as I write
is a lullaby without end
this mellow August night.

Aug. 17, 2012