To whom it may concern

Written by: John Loving III

to my cyber girlfriend
to you who've been so sweet
you who own a part of my heart
that whispered love so deep
with you i've shared a part of my life
my way to fall in love
and given you a piece of me
though we've never touched
i've never even heard your voice
but i've known your heart so dear
we've spoken often of being together
though separated by an ocean of fear
we send each other kisses mine east your's west
and mail electronic letters wishing for the best
to you i give these words
for you have been faithful to me
an undying love you will always have
no matter what becomes of me
if i should never see or touch
your beauty with my eyes
just know your words of love
they meant so much
i'll carry them until i die

(for my puddin)