Written by: lucky okoedion

                              Wedding-day-ecstasy-like excitement
                              Calm nerves 
                               Young-forever body tissues
                               Health like immortality
                                And - 

                             Should I smile?
                             ''Yes of course!''
                            Oh, I'm tinkled,
                             stop kidding me.
                             ''You know I'm not kidding you,
                            you are ever vivacious.
                          Life must be treating you well''

                          No No No,
                          not as you think - 
                          Not as life treats me 
                         but how i treat myself.
                         ''You don't mean it!''

                         Burial-day-sorrow-like sadness
                         Nerve-cracking frowns
                         Stress-marked body tissues
                         High blood pressure,
                         Untimely death at the door
                         And - 

                         ''Is this you?
                         I can't believe it.
                         But why?''
                         Things are bad.
                         ''Stop kidding me''
                         You know I'm not kidding you
                          ''Did you forget so soon?
                        You're not sad because things are bad,
                       things are bad because you're sad''
                         Oh! Thanks.

                        Repentance, faith, self control - 
                        Fat cheeks again.