Before I Die

Written by: twanna Irisha

Before I die, a million tears will crystallize.
Solid as sodium chloride, holding my breath I visualize.
Going through my journey, I am thankful for the life before me.
Appreciation and recognition I rise in value and price, awareness of my life purpose.
It was all destine, and predetermine.
Before I die, I will realize all of my self-pride.
I will look forward to the future, whatever it shall be I will succeed.
I will have the strength when I begin to feel weak, and I will stand when my knees buckle to the ground before me.
I will learn to rise when I fall.
As long as I have breath in me, I know it will not be for long.
I will learn to love myself, and be true to myself.
Listen to my inner voice because it will never stir me wrong.
Before I die, I will vocalize my pain inside.
Learn to forgive as I begin to live again.
To be self-sufficient and embrace, independents particularly in patience therefore without any complaining.
Before I die, I will have endurance for my world of descendants.
I will learn to love a million ways, as I let my spirit gravitate.
Before I die, I will lay awake as my heart pulsates.
As my life flashes before my eyes, my body permanently starts to indefinitely, paralyze.
Before I die, my eyes again crystallized.